ViSalus Shakes & hCG Diet – jump start your weight loss!

So, December 30 I decided that this year is going to be the year that I finally lose the 116 pounds that I’ve been carrying around (give or take) for the past 8 years.  I’ve tried so many different things, come up with so many different excuses, I’m just done with it!  It has to happen and I cannot give up.  It’s going to take hard work, and it’s going to take a lot longer than 3 months.  As my mom always reminds me….it didn’t take you a week to put that much weight on, so it’s not going to take you a week to get it off!  But I’m impatient! I want to see the scale moving (down)! 

As I mentioned, I’ve tried a lot of diets and fads and pills, etc.  One “fad” diet that people are quick to dismiss and bash and say all types of horrible things about is the hCG diet.  I have done it three times now.  Now, before you start writing all sorts of comments about how horrible this diet is, how it isn’t realistic, how it’s just a quick fix, how you’ll just gain all the weight back, that anyone would lose weight cutting down to 500 calories per day, etc. etc.  PLEASE RESEARCH THE HCG DIET BEFORE COMMENTING – I MEAN READ THE ENTIRE POUNDS AND INCHES BOOK BY DR. SIMEON AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU MAY FIND.  

In MY opinion and personal experience this has been by far the most successful “diet” I have ever been on *IF* you follow the protocol to a “T”.  It is definitely not for weak, quick-fix dieters who do not have any self control or will power.  It’s a very strict diet containing specific directions to follow and specific foods to eat/not eat.  The first round I lost 29 pounds in 32 days.  I was able to maintain that for about two months and then got pregnant.  I have done two subsequent rounds after my son was born – one resulting in just a 12 pound loss (didn’t follow the protocol too well that time), and the last round being the one I started December 30.  

Currently I’m down 20 pounds – but I lost 18 of those during the first 24 days using a combination of my ViSalus Shakes (replacing two meals per day) and hCG drops following the protocol for dinner.  You should only do this for 20-40 days depending on your body/amount of weight you need to lose.  I did this until the beginning of February, then took a break to let my body recover some.  I’m now starting again following the same combination.  

I love my ViSalus shakes, but without working out, they weren’t giving me the rapid results that I really wanted to see — by the way, with the weight I’m at, cutting calories so significantly SHOULD help me to lose a lot of weight quickly, but I don’t!  And, I’ve had my thyroid checked and it’s in optimal range, so that’s not to blame either. Anyway, the hCG diet does give me the results that I want, but for long term it’s very difficult to stick to.  So, by combining the two, I’m getting the great results I want with both! 

I’ll post more about the exact “meal plan” I’m following.  For more info on ViSalus shakes, check it out here, plus get 7 FREE fast & slimming secrets:

Also, learn about hCG drops here:

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2 thoughts on “ViSalus Shakes & hCG Diet – jump start your weight loss!

  1. Hannah says:

    Ive been using Visalus since July of 2012, Im down 70lbs. I should be happy with that but some people lose that in their first 90day challenge. Ive been using the program exactly as I should. I just ordered my first hcg drops and was wondering if I could combine them. do you just have your shakes plain or do you try to keep them under protocol?

    • Jmondaine says:

      I know this is an old post, I apologize! But for any other readers that may want the info — I did not follow a proper hCG protocol diet while using my ViSalus shakes. I mixed my shakes with almond milk and put flavors and fruit in, etc. There are hundreds of recipes here: Also, as one of my posts may have mentioned – I followed the ViSalus protocol as far as meals go — I drank a shake for breakfast and lunch while taking my hCG drops 15-20 minutes prior to that, and ate an hCG protocol dinner.

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